Parish Council Planning Notifications

  1. 5 West End
    S/2017/00444/TCA. Felling and removal of one Sycamore tree. For Information Only.
  2. Bugbrooke Planning Application Log from 2003 - March 2017
    List of all planning application for the parish - updated monthly
  3. Shenstone, 7 High Street
    S/2017/0436/TCA. The felling and removal of one leylandii conifer. For Information Only
  4. Oakleigh, 49 Camp Hill
    Demolition of existing garage and construction of new garage and recreation room. No objections - matching materials
  5. 14 The Paddocks
    S/2017/0401/FUL. Application Refused.
  6. 47A Camp Hill,Bugbrooke
    Appeal upheld and enforcement notice quashed.
  7. 31 Bagders Close, Bugbrooke
    Planning Approval - 18.1.2017 Rear Conservatory S/2016/2905/FUL
  8. 15 Moores Close, Bugbrooke
    Planning Application S/2017/0064/FUL Conversion of garage to habitable space with new roof. No objections - materials to match existing dwelling
  9. 75 High Street, Bugbrooke
    Planning Application S/2017/0261/FUL Single storey rear extension and rebuild garden wall. No objections - materials to match existing dwelling
  10. 47 Badgers Close, Bugbrooke
    Planning Application S/2017/0053/FUL Single storey rear and side extension No objections - materials to match the existing building
  11. Land at the Wharf, Litchborough Road, Bugbrooke
    Planning application S/2017/0138/MAF - Unusual Rigging Variation of condition - to change the position and height of the earth bund, add an acoustic fence and make some changes to the landscaping scheme No objections - Urged that planting scheme should be implemented as a matter of priority.
  12. 1A Camp Hill
    S/2017/0506/FUL. Dormer windows. No objections
  13. The Old Crown Heyford Road
    S/2017/0400.FUL. Conversion of workshop and storage barn to single dwelling with separate rear garden amenity areas.
  14. 18 Moores Close
    S./2017/0548/FUL Single storey front and rear extension. No objections - matching materials